Products and Services

    Our veteran team of research, technology and marketing professionals work together to bring you the following services:

    Event Marketing

    Criterion Research offers a full spectrum of Event Marketing services, including:

    • List Research
    • List Maintenance
    • Custom List Building
    • eMailing Service
    • Turnkey Packages

    Competitive Analysis

    If you are an investor, key executive, principle or board member of a technology firm you need to have the latest information about your competitors. All of them - even the ones still in stealth mode. You can have this information at your fingertips this week by contacting Criterion Research today.

    We offer a full spectrum of research products, including:

    • Basic Market Analysis
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Competitor Profiles
    • Product Comparisons
    • Monthly Update Newsletters
    • Financial Analysis
    • Core Competency database

    and we can create new formats to meet your special requirements.

    Can your team answer these questions about their competitors?

  • What are their unique strengths and weaknesses? Are they aware of them?
  • What is their competitive strategy? Are changes in the works?
  • How strong are their finances, and how is this going to change in the short-term?
  • How do their products stack up against ours? What do the customers really think?
  • What is their Unique Selling Proposition? Is it working?
  • Who are their key players, not necessarily the founders but the Architects and Chief Scientists that are creating their products? Who can we recruit to assist our efforts?
  • Who else is poised to enter these markets, and what are their chances of success?

    Ad Specialties

    You've come up with an absolutely inspired trade show promotion that includes 10,000 buttons and a like number of mouse pads. The only problem is, the show starts in three days.

    Criterion can supply a full range of high quality and cost effective specialty items - flashlights, T-shirts, pocketknives - anything with a logo on it at breakneck speed. No quantity is too large, no deadline is too tight. Our satisfied clients include Virgin Records, WITI, Cigna Insurance, TI, Sun, and many others.

    Retained Search

    It typically takes three to four months to hire an employee--when you can find one with the right mix of skills and personal qualities, that is. If your situation doesn't allow the luxury of that kind of time, let the professionals at Criterion Research help.

    We will fill your openings quickly with quality people and lay the groundwork for future hires in similar areas.

    The Criterion Research team has decades of experience in networking and locating exceptional people with the most demanding skill requirements. Our network of contacts is accumulated from over 15 years of servicing the technology industry. We have access to a greater number of quality names than you'll find through print advertising or traditional on-line or off-line recruiting sites. And we deliver much more than just the candidates you need today - we deliver a comprehensive list of potential candidates for this position, along with qualifications and up-to-date contact information. You'll have a list of great prospects at your fingertips the next time you need to address a similar need.

    With Criterion's Research Recruiting Service, your reqs will close sooner, and you're guaranteed the finest candidates in the industry. We don't offer a "this works for everyone" solution - we customize our approach to fit your precise needs, and to fit your current search and hire process.

    Subscription Databases

    Looking for accurate, up-to-date information about potential new employees? Our two subscription databases offer just this.

    Tracking your job applicants takes time, skill and money - three things that are often in short supply in an accelerating startup. Our custom online Job Candidate Database gives you up to the minute information about all your candidates with none of the hassles of designing, implementing and maintaining your own system.

    When is the best time to call the great new product management candidate Julie interviewed this morning? How many candidates have we seen for the Linux engineering position? Who has spoken to our #1 candidate? Answers are a click away with the Criterion Job Candidate Database.

    The Prospects Database, extended and maintained daily by our staff of veteran recruiters, is composed of passive candidates in the highly targeted technology spheres. These are qualified, experienced industry-wise workers - not the raw rookies of the commercial candidate boards.

    For immediate access to the cream-of-the-crop talent in your marketplace, the Criterion Research Prospects Database is without peer.

    Enterprise Reporting and Performance Management Applications

    Criterion is a leader in Enterprise Reporting and Performance Management Applications that empower 100 percent of users to achieve breakthrough corporate performance. Criterion provides the most scalable, reliable, flexible and high-performing reporting capabilities for every application in the enterprise. Customers use Criterion CPM services to deliver information in context to users inside and outside the firewall as performance management and customer self-service applications, managed spreadsheet applications and Java reporting applications.

    Criterion has customers globally in a range of industries including banking, insurance, manufacturing, communications and government.

    Founded in 1985, Criterion has headquarters in Los Angeles with offices worldwide.

    Implementing Regulatory compliance through Corporate Performance Management is a core competency of Criterion business analysts.

    Compliance Solutions

    Figure 1. Criterion Research Compliance Solutions

    As shown in Figure 1, Criterion Research utilizes a three-step progression in the design of client-specific solutions:

    • the Business Modules
    • the Compliance Models
    • the Compliance Solutions

    In client-specific combinations, the business modules are implemented in accordance with Compliance Models, for example, section 409 or section 302 Sarbanes Oxley Act. The final result being considered 'Compliance Solutions' when integrated into a client enterprise environment with a known internal control environment, specific data, data structure, and IT architecture.

    For more information about our range of Products and Services, call toll free 818-652-5854 or send email to info@CriterionResearch.com

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