Criterion Research

Criterion Research merges with WITI

In 2023, Criterion Research merged with WITI — formerly known as Women In Technology International — to become Workforce, Innovation, Trust and Influence.

Since 1986, Criterion Research has been helping build the tech industry and VC firms through business development and human capital with strategic search of key leadership, technologists and roles that drive outcomes.

Through the years, some well-known and historical clients include:

About the merging company, Women In Technology International

Women In Technology International (WITI) was founded in 1989.

WITI’s mission is in fostering relationships and community, cultivating professional growth and boosting competitiveness — to help realize individual and collective potential in the workforce across industries, worldwide. For 30+ years, WITI has been leading conferences and events, attracting the global workforce, industry experts, leaders, and speakership.


About the new WITI: Workforce, Innovation, Trust and Influence

WITI curates offerings to serve business partnerships and individual member needs.

Partnership with companies:

Professional membership for individuals:

Collaboration with professionals and companies:

David Leighton | Co-Founder & CEO